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May 18, 2020

Investment Analysis of Greek Real Estate
Greek house price growth accelerating! LALAINE C. DELMENDO | January 17, 2020 After nine years of falling house prices, the Greek housing market is now growing strongly again amidst improving economic conditions and market expansionary measures.  In Greece’s urban areas, house prices rose by 9.32% during...Read More

Posted By : John S.

January 22, 2019

Today, residential property in Athens is 40% cheaper in comparison to 2008: this means the potential for price growth is high – Source: Depositphotos, sborisov Why You Should Invest in Athens Real Estate   Demand from foreign investors is currently being fuelled by cheap, so-called “Golden Visas”: a Greek res...Read More

Posted By : Tom Kiotis

October 19, 2018

Having Bottomed Out Since 2008, Athens’ Real Estate Market Stabilizes
As Greece officially exited its international bailout on Aug. 20, one indicator of confidence in the country is its tentatively stabilizing real estate market — especially in the capital, Athens. Overall,  the residential property market saw a 65-percent dip in the eight years prior to 2015, when a modest recovery be...Read More

Posted By : Demetre Politis

October 19, 2018

Investors Eyeing Greece for Resort & Hotel Real Estate, Says Survey
Greece, together with Spain and Italy have been ranked at the top as being the most attractive countries in the Mediterranean for investors, according to a joint survey carried out by real estate platform Tranio and the Hotel and Resort Realty. The poll, which looks into international investors’ sentiment in the ...Read More

Posted By : Brian